Create multiple Brands for your EZ LCMS account

Most Learning Management Systems provide you with the ability to modify the interface to some degree, adding your own corporate logo and color scheme. This works great for companies that are simply looking to provide a product to their own organization, or companies that provide training to the public under one corporate identity. [...]

Own your own copy of EZ LCMS

Many Learning Management System companies allow you to easily “sign-up” and use their LMS, or even license their standard LMS on an annual basis, but very few actually allow you to “purchase” their Learning Management System. EZ LCMS, unlike many other Learning Management System providers in the industry, does just that. We offer a “complete purchase” option, where you can purchase your own copy of EZ LCMS for a one-time purchase price. [...]

Sell access to training in EZ LCMS using group access

You probably already know that EZ LCMS enables you to sell courses using the catalog with built-in shopping cart. But did you know that you can also sell “group access”? By selling access to a group in EZ LCMS, you can allow a student to purchase access to a selected set of courses, along with a set of automatic enrollments. [...]