EZ LCMS Includes A Built In Learning Record Store (LRS)

EZ LCMS includes a fully functioning Tin Can API (or Experience API – xAPI) Learning Record Store (LRS). Tin Can is the latest specification for the communication of learning data from a training product or experience to a training data system. With the EZ LCMS Learning Record Store, you can use any Tin Can Compliant training product or application to communicate the learning experiences that the student has during any type of training activity.

Not just for courses

The EZ LCMS Built-In LRS can track learning experiences from any xAPI source. Common xAPI sources outside of an LMS include an online checklist, a mobile job aid or on-the-job performance application etc. The LRS in EZ LCMS is open to receive learning experience information from any xAPI source you choose to implement.

Seamless Integration

Data received by the EZ LCMS LRS that corresponds to content tracked inside the LMS will automatically be granted completion status. This means that training content internal to the LMS can be completed through learning experiences outside of the LMS. With the EZ LCMS Tin Can LRS, the possibilities for tracking and reporting on learning experiences is endless.

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