Automatic Time-Release Training

A Learning Path is a tool used to build a curriculum with pre-scheduled releases of training over time, with built in re-enrollments, re-certification’s and “time release” training.

Building a Learning Path can save you a significant amount of time and effort. No more checking every week to see who is due for re-enrollments, or who has completed some pre-requisites and is ready for more training. With the EZ LCMS “set it and forget it” Learning Path tools, you build your curriculum once, and it manages itself.

EZ LCMS Learning Path

Each block of training content within a Learning Path has a Scheduled Start date (number of months after enrollment) an expiration period (number of days the student has to complete the block of content) and a recertification period (frequency that the block of content must be re-completed).

Set it and forget it

Once you build a Learning Path and assign it to a student, the student will be automatically enrolled in the required training at the selected intervals. The student will receive enrollment emails when a new automatic enrollment is created, and will show on the “Exceptions Reports” if they do not complete the required training in the allocated time period.

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