Integrate Your Applications And Websites

EZ LCMS provides a simple way to perform tasks like adding new users, creating enrollments, or logging user into the LMS, from your own scripts, websites or applications. Using XML, JSON or Plain Text, you can communicate directly with your EZ LCMS account to perform actions and integrate data. Use your own shopping cart to sell content, Integrate CRM databases or even implement single-sign-on using our simple integration API.

Create student accounts from outside the LMS

The most popular usage of the Integration API is creating LMS user accounts. Frequently our customers will have outside websites and applications that serve as the starting point for acquiring new customers and students. Using the Integration API createUser command, you can have your application or website pass the information about your new customer or student directly into the LMS, so that there is no additional need for you to create an LMS account for them, or for them to create their own LMS account. Once the API createUser process is executed, the user will already have an LMS account in place when they are ready to use it. The createUser command will return the LMS database ID for the student, if you would like to track this information in your external application for later integration tasks.

Create content enrollments

In addition to creating user account, you can also enroll users into LMS content using XML, JSON or Plain Text commands. Using the enrollUser command, you can enroll a student in one or more courses automatically. This is particularly useful when you are selling training content through an external shopping cart or website. The enrollUser command will return the database ID of the newly created enrollment, for future use.

Log users into EZ LCMS automatically

You can also use the LMS Integration API as a means to implement single-sign-on with your applications or network. By passing user credentials and the login command to the API, you will be sending your students directly into the LMS, without the need to complete an LMS log-in process. You can easily create buttons, links or forms within your external applications or websites that pass in the required information to send your students directly into the LMS.

Detailed Instructions

You can download the detailed user guide with instructions on how to implement each of these processes right here.

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