Sell Your Training Content

The EZ LCMS system includes Built-In E-Commerce capabilities at no additional charge

EZ LCMS E-Commerce

EZ LCMS integrates flawlessly with both and PayPal for payment processing. Creating a Pay As You Go catalog of courses is as simple as enabling e-commerce and assigning prices to your courses.

EZ LCMS E-Commerce Logos

Payments go directly from your students to you.

With the built-in shopping cart in EZ LCMS, your students make payments that apply directly to your PayPal or accounts, with no “middle man” and no added processing feed from EZ LCMS.

Turn on e-commerce and user self-registration to create a self-service training portal

By Combining the ability for your students to create their own user accounts, and the e-commerce enabled shopping cart, you can have a completely self-sufficient system to allow users to sign-up and buy course enrollments with no manager or administrator involvement.

Create Direct Purchase links

Once e-commerce is enabled, and your prices are assigned, EZ LCMS will provide you with links to a “direct purchase” page where potential customers can go to read your course descriptions and choose to make an immediate purchase. You can also create direct purchase links to purchase access to groups, enabling the direct sale of more than one course, as well as a limited course catalog.

Sell access to groups

In EZ LCMS, you can assign a price to a group, allowing users to purchase “group membership”, giving them enrollments in more than one course at once, and limiting their access to other available training content.

Try the complete EZ LCMS system FREE for 15 days, with no commitment and no Credit Card required.