Creating Multiple Brands for Your EZ LCMS Account

Most Learning Management Systems provide you with the ability to modify the interface to some degree, adding your own corporate logo and color scheme. This works great for companies that are simply looking to provide a product to their own organization, or companies that provide training to the public under one corporate identity.

However, in Business-to-Business training relationships, the training provider may want to consider providing a Learning Management System experience that is branded for their customers, not themselves. For example, if your company is XYZtraining, and you are providing safety training products to other companies like Acme Widgets and Paragon Manufacturers, you might want to go the extra mile for your customers and provide them with branded LMS experiences that include their own company logos and color schemes.

One of the features unique to EZ LCMS is multiple branding. This allows you to create as many brands as you want, for the same Learning Management System account. You simply create more than one brand as an Administrator. Each brand is defined by its own separate login page. Users who log in through the Acme Widgets branded login page, with see the Acme Widgets brand, with their own logo, color scheme, fonts, sizes etc. Users who log in through the Paragon Manufacturers login page see the brand you made especially for them.

The LMS content and functionality inside of the LMS account is always yours, and controlled by you, but the end user customer gets a Learning Management experience that looks and feels as if it were made just for them. If you want to go even further, you can tie different brands to different groups, and even define which specific content is available to different brands and groups.

The ability to create more than one brand for a single Learning Management System account is one of the many great features that set EZ LCMS apart from other LMS providers. Try it for yourself free for 15 days here.