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EZ LCMS on iPad

[lead]With the latest release of EZ LCMS, our entire system has been redesigned with mobile devices in mind.[/lead]

We went to great lengths to upgrade our Learning Management System in a way that it is more interactive and visual than ever, using only “Apple-Device compatible” technologies.

What does this mean for our customers? This means that every function from the actual construction of online course materials, to student delivery, to interactive chart-based reporting all functions identically on a computer and a tablet or Smartphone, including the iPhone and iPad.

Not only will your students be able to complete their training on an iPad, but you will also be able to create an online course using our built in course authoring capabilities on the iPad as well.

[lead]EZ LCMS is the first system that we are aware of that allows you to create, deliver and track e-learning content on the iPad, without the need for a PC at any stage of the process.[/lead]

While many LMS developers are struggling with a means to simply get their content DELIVERED on the iPad, at EZ LCMS we have create a system where students, managers, instructors and administrators can perform all of their necessary training tasks on the Apple Mobile Platform as well.

This is just another example of our continued commitment to maintain the most affordable, easy to use and technologically relevant Learning Management System available.

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