Coming Soon: The EZ LCMS September Release

We have been hard at work here at EZ LCMS, creating loads of new features and enhancements to our world class Learning Management System. In September, we will be releasing the latest version with a number of added features and performance improvements. Don’t worry, the core functionality and built-in ease-of-use will not be changing. We are simply adding new features and functions to make the process of creating, delivering and tracking your training programs and products even easier and more efficient.

Here is a quick preview of some of the features and enhancements coming to EZ LCMS in September:

  • A new online PowerPoint converter, allowing you to drag and drop your PowerPoint presentations directly into EZ LCMS, where they will be automatically converted into trackable online training products.
  • A new online Quiz builder allowing you to create quizzes and tests directly within the EZ LCMS interface.
  • New branding and interface sizes and options.
  • New communication, notification and email alert options.
  • New content preview options.
  • New e-commerce options for managers.
  • Gamification enhancements including the ability to load your own custom badges.
  • Improved integration options.
  • Much more…

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more detailed information about these features and more coming to EZ LCMS in September 2016.


Why Own Your Own Learning Management System?

Many Learning Management System companies allow you to easily “sign-up” and use their LMS, or even license their standard LMS on an annual basis, but very few actually allow you to “purchase” their Learning Management System. EZ LCMS, unlike many other Learning Management System providers in the industry, does just that. We offer a “complete purchase” option, where you can purchase your own copy of EZ LCMS for a one-time purchase price.

You can purchase EZ LCMS for a single up-front price of $24,495.00, and never have to pay monthly per-user fees, installation charges, or annual licensing fees ever. The only optional ongoing costs associated with purchasing EZ LCMS is the annual hosting, maintenance and support fee of $1,495.00 per year, which allows you to host your purchased copy of EZ LCMS on our servers, keeps your copy of EZ LCMS up to date with all of the latest features and functions, and ensures world class technical support for your Learning Management System.

Owning your own Learning Management System has a number of advantages over using a licensed copy, or using an online SAAS account. Here are just a few:

Unlimited User Accounts

The biggest advantage of owning your own Learning Management System is the removal of user limitations. When you purchase your own copy of EZ LCMS for example, you can have an unlimited number of LMS users of any type. You may have the need to deliver training products to over 100,000 users, with thousands of managers and groups, instructors and even admins. With a purchased copy of EZ LCMS, there is no limit to the number and type of users you can create.

No more counting users and paying per-user fees. No more deleting users to make room in your account, and no more account overages or monthly charges. With a purchased copy of EZ LCMS, you will find that your account is completely unlimited, and free to use and manage however you see fit.


Not every organization is the same, and not everyone’s LMS needs are the same. You may find that an LMS like EZ LCMS fits your needs to some significant degree, but a couple of needed features are missing. In most Learning Management System situations, you would have to forgo those needs and settle for what is already available. But not with EZ LCMS. When you purchase your own copy of EZ LCMS, your LMS can be customized to fit your exact requirements.

EZ LCMS has programmers on staff who are dedicated to customizing our Learning Management System to meet your specific needs. During your analysis phase, we encourage you to contact our sales team and discuss any features or functions that you may need added or changed to satisfy your specific requirements. Our sales team can provide you with a custom purchase quote that will include the purchase of the Learning Management System with your own custom features in place.

Some of the custom features that we have implemented for our past clients include:

  • Interface customization, including the addition or removal of certain buttons, tabs, features and functions.
  • Custom data imports and exports for integration with non-standard data tracking systems and CRMs.
  • A custom “Claims” role to integrate insurance claim management with the Learning Management System.
  • A custom “audit tool” to integrate safety audits with training.
  • A custom “Partner” role to facilitate the sales of training products through third party sales organizations.
  • Custom tracking mechanisms for online and live training tracking.
  • “Scaled Down” versions of the LMS, providing only the features and functions that a customer needs, hiding the rest.


If you have been looking for an LMS that has every feature you need, and have not found it, please feel free to contact us and discuss how we can customize EZ LCMS for you, to meet your entire set of requirements.

Multiple Organizations

You may find yourself in a situation where you need not just one LMS account, but many. You may need to provide a Learning Management System to a number of completely separate entities or organizations. EZ LCMS is the only Learning Management Systems available (that we are aware of) that has the functionality to allow for multiple, separated Learning Management System instances within the same copy of the Learning Management System, and the same database.

For example, a franchise company may want to provide each of their Franchisees with a completely separate, segregated LMS account, where they can provide the company specific training products to their own employees, without the training records and access privileges of their employees comingling with those of other franchisees. With EZ LCMS, it’s a breeze. The “Master Admin” portal in EZ LCMS, provided to all purchasers, allows you to quickly and easily establish new, segregated instances of the Learning Management System with just a few clicks.

In addition to the ability to create more than one LMS account, you can also manage the training for all accounts from one source. You can create a simple “Content Repository” where you set up all of your training products, and then quickly and easily “License” that training out to all of your other organizations. Then, when you update the training in the “content repository” at a later point in time, all of the training in all of your LMS accounts will automatically be updated as well.

Believe it or not, all of these features, along with 5 free segregated LMS accounts are included FREE when you purchase EZ LCMS. If you need more than 5 separate LMS accounts, more can be added for a minimal additional fee.

Reselling the LMS

Tied closely to the ability to create multiple LMS instances, is the ability to resell the LMS. Many training providers are looking to beyond just providing a training course to their customers. Many are looking to provide a complete training delivery and tracking system to go along with their training products. The multiple instance capabilities of EZ LCMS give you a fast and easy way to give your customers a training delivery portal where their users can go to take the training they need, and to track their training implementation themselves.

Reselling the LMS along with your training products also provides you the ability to maintain control over your content. Instead of delivering zipped training courses to your customer, and losing control of where they end up and who ends up using them, you can simply provide your customer with an account in your copy of EZ LCMS, where you load your content, you manage it, and you can see exactly who is using it.

Saving Money

In many situations, it is far more economical to purchase EZ LCMS than to pay monthly per-user fees over time. Depending on the number of users you intend to deliver to, using any Learning Management System on a monthly hosted program can get very expensive. With EZ LCMS you can pay a simple up-front purchase price, and never have to pay monthly per-user fees again. The only ongoing charges for EZ LCMS is a modest annual hosting, maintenance and support fee, which ensures your copy of EZ LCMS stays up to date with all of the latest features and functions.

Many people who consider purchasing EZ LCMS fear the technical challenges that go with hosting an LMS, like the need to manage servers and engage IT staff in maintenance, but you don’t have to. When you purchase EZ LCMS, we will host your copy of EZ LCMS on our servers at your designated domain name (e.g. for FREE for the first year. Additional years of hosting are also included in the annual $1,495.00 hosting, maintenance and support fee as well. So you can have the best of both worlds. You can own you own customizable, unlimited-user copy of EZ LCMS and not have to worry about installation, servers and maintenance.

EZ LCMS even offers custom no-interest financing. Our sales team can provide you with a custom financing quote that fits your needs and your budget, and allows you to get started immediately with your own copy of EZ LCMS, while you continue to make interest-free payments.


When looking for the right LMS solution for your organization, you may find that the large number of users you need, or the need to have specific features built to your requirement, prevent you from being able to “sign-up-and-go” with a standard LMS. At EZ LCMS, we understand the frustration this can cause, and we are ready to help you implement your own personalized, customized copy of our Learning Management System that perfectly meets your needs.


Assignments and Rubrics in EZ LCMS

EZ LCMS has recently released two exciting new features for managing asynchronous instructor-led training content in the EZ LCMS Learning Management System. These additions are the “Assignment” content type and “Rubrics”.

An assignment is a content type (or lesson) that allows content administrators and instructors to create a task for students to complete and a method for students to upload evidence of their completion. The assignment type is most useful for requiring students to write essays or papers on a certain subject demonstrating their mastery of the subject.

Like live training classes and webinars, assignments are managed and graded by instructors. However, unlike live classes and webinars, assignments are asynchronous. Students can be enrolled in an assignment at any time in their training lifecycle, and complete the assignment, upload their evidence of completion and submit their assignment for grading.

Once a student has completed an assignment in the Learning Management System, the instructor assigned to manage the assignment is notified by email, and grades the assignment. The instructor has access to all materials uploaded by the student, as well as any comments they may have made about the completion of the assignment. The instructor can either grade the assignments freely, or a Rubric can be used to guide the instructor in their grading practices.

A Rubric is a tool created by the content administrator to help define what is expected from the completion of the assignment, and what point value should be assigned to each “degree” of competency. A rubric consists of “Elements” and each element in a Rubric has “Degrees”. For example, you may create a Rubric called “Basic essay writing skills”. This Rubric may contain elements like “grammar”, “punctuation” and “spelling”. Each of these elements would contain degrees like “Excellent” which grants full points for the elements, or “Poor” which would grant minimal points.

Once a Rubric is designed and attached to an assignment, the instructor is prompted to use the rubric when grading an assignment. The instructor determines a score for each Element in the rubric based on the guidance provided in the element degrees. Once the instructor has completed grading the assignment, the grade is submitted and the student is notified that their assignment has been graded.

As with most items in EZ LCMS, assignments and Rubrics are “object oriented”. A single Rubric can be created and applied to multiple assignments, and assignments themselves can be blended with any other type of content in the Learning Management System. For example, a student may be required to complete an online lesson, watch a few videos, and then complete their assignment, in order to successfully complete a course.

See these exciting features and much more for yourself by signing up for the 15 Day Free Trial today!


The EZ LCMS Summer Release Is Here

EZ LCMS is excited to announce the summer release of EZ LCMS V5, packed with new features designed to make managing training even easier. We continue to listen to our customer and provide innovations that make EZ LCMS one of the most intuitive and feature-packed Learning Management System available.


Let us customize your EZ LCMS platform to meet your specific needs

When using the standard EZ LCMS subscription service, you are provided with a number of easy-to-use ways to customize the system. You can modify the branding including logos, color scheme, fonts etc. You can also turn certain features of the LMS on and off in the Administrator role. You can create custom user criteria fields, create custom reports and modify a number of other EZ LCMS features. But what if you want to make a change to the system to meet your specific needs that is not provided in the standard EZ LCMS interface?

What if you want to add a new role to the LMS? What if you need a completely custom report, or non-standard training field, or even integration with a custom in-house Human Resource system? You may be surprised to know that when you Purchase the complete EZ LCMS system, you can have any of these and more!

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New Live Data Grids in EZ LCMS

In a recent update to the EZ LCMS system, new Live Data Grids have been implemented in select locations, replacing standard web-based lists. This enhancement makes the process of searching, sorting, filtering and manipulating your user data easier than ever.

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ITU AbsorbTech Wins an ASTD BEST award using EZ LCMS

We are excited to announce that one of our long-term customers, ITU Absorbtech has been awarded a BEST award by the American Society of Training Development (ASTD) for training excellence. ITU AbsorbTech is one of only 46 companies world-wide to receive this award this year.

ITU AbsorbTech has used the EZ LCMS Learning Management System and the Free EZ LCMS PowerPoint Plug-In since May of 2012 to deliver engaging training using a systematic, performance-based approach. They have branded their EZ LCMS account as “AbsorbU”, the ITU AbsorbTech University, and have integrated the training system into their organization at the enterprise level.

Craig Bald, the Director of Accounting and Information Services at ITU AbsorbTech says that “AbsorbU gives EVERY employee in the Company a foundational understanding of how their role fits into the big-picture in addition to the specific knowledge necessary to operate in that role effectively.”

ASTD’s recognition of the ITU training program and platform indicates that ITU AbsorbTech is integrating Learning at an enterprise-wide level. This award shows that, using EZ LCMS, ITU AbsorbTech is:

Building talent
Supported by the organization’s leaders
Thorough learning culture

ITU AbsorbTech will officially be recognized at the ASTD BEST® Awards Ceremony on October 2, 2014 in Washington D.C. and will also be featured in an upcoming issue of Training & Development Magazine published by the ASTD.

You can read more about the ITU success story at , and you can read more about the ASTD BEST awards for 2014 at

We congratulate ITU AbsorbTech on their tremendous success in building a world-class training program, and are glad that EZ LCMS could contribute to that success. ITU AbsorbTech, and their EZ LCMS learning platform are ranked among the world’s best in training. Could your organization be next? Find out more by giving EZ LCMS a try at

Ad-Hoc LMS Actions – Two Steps to doing exactly what you need to do.

When managing a Learning Management System, most day-to-day tasks can be accomplished with the basic functionality provided on the User or Group Management page. But what if you have a special situation where you want to do something out of the ordinary. Like one of these tasks for example:

  • “I want to select all of the users that chose ‘Orlando’ as their location when signing themselves up, and put them into a new group.”
  • “I want to find all users who have created an account in my LMS but never enrolled in any training, and deactivate them.”
  • “I want to send an email to everyone who has not logged in in the past 6 months.”
  • “I want to find all users in groups with a member code of XXXX and create a new group for them.”
  • “I want to find all users who have not logged in since the beginning of last year, and delete them.”
  • “I want to find all users who have a 407 area code, and enroll them in a course.”

The new “Ad-Hoc Actions” feature in EZ LCMS allows you perform these tasks and many more. It is a two step process where you locate a set of users based on user and group custom criteria, group membership and a number of “special filters”. This allows you to very specifically target a group of LMS users. Once you have identified the selected set of users, you can then perform one of the following actions on them:

  • Send an email to the selected users
  • Enroll the selected users in a course or courses.
  • Place the selected users into a group (new or existing).
  • Deactivate the users
  • Delete the users

The new and very useful “Ad-Hoc Actions” feature is available in EZ LCMS as a button on the Admin > Users page. Have fun!


User Roles in the Learning Management System

Most Learning Management Systems provide some sort of breakdown of user roles. Many provide you with a separation of the “student” role and the “administrator” role. Along with the standard “Student” and “administrator” roles, EZ LCMS goes beyond this basic separation, providing the ability to assign “Managers” to manage groups of students, “Instructors” to manage live training events, “Reporters” to manage reporting and “Content Administrators” who can be responsible for the learning content in the LMS, without having access to user account information and other system management features.

In many LMS environments, the “Administrator” role is the only role available for users who need to view student transcripts, enroll their subordinates in training, upload a course etc. In competing LMSs, in these situations you must assign all of these users the general “administrator” role and turn them loose in the LMS, hoping that they do not intentionally or unintentionally make changes to other facets of the system. This is not the case in EZ LCMS.

EZ LCMS provides the ability to assign specific functions or “Roles” to specific users to meet their need. A user who needs to monitor the training of their subordinates would be assigned the manager role. A user who needs to upload course content would be assigned the “Content Admin” role and so on.

In EZ LCMS it is easy to avoid the “too many cooks in the kitchen” situation that you find in many other Learning Management Solutions, by methodically assigning the appropriate roles and permissions to the appropriate system users.

Try it for yourself and see at


Our customers are saying great things about EZ LCMS

[lead]Both the EZ LCMS Learning Management System and the support provided by our staff are getting rave reviews from our customers.[/lead]

For example, Todd Scott Bales from the “Thomas Kinkade Company”, the international organization established to distribute the works of the artist Thomas Kinkade, had this to say:

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