Make EZ LCMS Your Own

Make the EZ LCMS system your own with an easily customizable look and feel.

EZ LCMS allows you to upload your own company logo and header, choose a custom color scheme, and define log-in and welcome-message content and links.

EZ LCMS Branding

Create more than one brand for your account

If you have different customers or clients, and you would like them to see a system customized to their specific requirements, you can create more than one brand for your account. Simply create a different brand for each different need, and send each different client to a separate, branded log-in page, which will define which brand they see.

Associate groups with brands.

When you associate a group to a brand, any user who creates their user account using a specific brand, will automatically be placed in the desired group. If you would like, this association can lead to automatic enrollments, or a restricted course catalog, based on the group they are in.

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